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"Chardonnay or sauvignon blanc?" shouldn't provoke any more of a crisis of confidence than "soup or salad?" Yet wine questions tend to make people blanch and glance furtively around to see if there might be an expert on hand to answer for them.

Well, an expert is handy: you.

You're the expert, since nobody knows your taste like you do. And if you can figure out what you like to eat from the endless possibilities available in this country, then you can figure out what you like to drink. It's not about what's "right" or correct; it's about identifying your preferences, and using them to find your way to a wine that pleases you.

How? Just think of wine as food. After all, many places in the world do — wine, like bread, is simply part of the meal. The best part about this approach? It will carry you through even when you're all alone among the bottles.

Here are some questions to ask yourself to get started.

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"Wine doesn't really go with chicken wings, does it?" asked my editor last week. I can't decide if she was insinuating something about the quality of wings or about wine, but let this Buffalo gal set everyone straight: Great wings deserve great drinks - whether wine, beer or bourbon.

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