September 24, 2008

Kourtaki 2007 Patras Kouros, $10

Get it now: the latest vintage of the Kouros Patras, the $10 white from the Greek wine company Kourtaki, is better than ever. It’'s made from roditis, a common Greek grape that particularly excels in the northern Peloponnese; this one comes from the very best area for the grape, the chalky plateau above the port town of Patras, where the sun is bright but the breeze is cool. (In fact, look across the Gulf of Patras and you can often see snow in the mountaintops on the mainland) The combination of bright sun and cool breezes allows the grape to ripen yet keep its acidity——which translates to a wine like this, which has a honeydew succulence but keeps to a crisp, clean edge, at once mouthwatering and elegant. Check it out with a simple grilled fish, drizzled liberally with olive oil, maybe a pile of summer'’s last tomatoes on the side.

Imported by Nestor Imports, NY

This review first appeared in the Denver Post.

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