August 20, 2008

Mommessin 2007 Beaujolais Grande Reserve, about $13

At a restaurant recently, I asked for an ice bucket for our wine. The waiter was dumbfounded: The wine was red. Aren't red wines supposed to be served at room temperature? Well, not when it's a light and fruity Beaujolais with little tannin and lots of acidity. A light chill brings out the freshness of the fruit and the zing of acidity. But since most people don't remember to stick Beaujolais in the fridge, Jean Charles Boisset of Mommessin devised a clever reminder: a bottle with a circle on it that turns bright blue when the wine is sufficiently chilled. And that's just the beginning. The bottle is made of aluminum, so it chills quickly. It's also lighter than a glass bottle—an environmental boon when it comes to shipping, and a personal boon when it comes to hauling wines on hikes, bike rides, or anytime weight matters and the ability to chill down quickly counts. Oh — and it tastes good, like cold, fresh raspberries with a vinous kick. What a way to spice up a ham sandwich at 11,000 feet.

Imported by Boisset America, Sausalito, Calif.

This review first appeared in the Denver Post.

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