August 27, 2008

Peak Spirits Peach Eau de Vie, $27/375ml

Eau de vie is basically fruit brandy; the name "water of life," however, suggests how well it carries the essence of fresh fruit at its peak ripeness. The Peak Spirits Peach Eau de Vie tastes as fragrantly delicious as a bucket of ripe peaches smells: It's heady with peach aroma but weightless, the light, pleasant alcohol tingle (it's 40 percent alcohol) whisking away any hint of sweetness and leaving just peach scent, clear and cool. It's the work of Lance and Anna Hanson at Jack Rabbit Winery in Hotchkiss, who noticed that their neighbors at Ela Family Farms and Gunnison River Farm were tossing away tons of slightly imperfect-looking but perfectly delicious organically grown fruit. This eau de vie not only puts those cresthavens, red havens and red globes to good use, but because it lasts nearly forever after opening, it also allows us to enjoy the harvest long after the last peach has left the market.

Peak Spirits, Hotchkiss, CO; 970-835-4916;

This review first appeared in an article about Colorado's best food and drink in the Denver Post.

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