July 23, 2008

Zette 2003 Cahors Malbec, about $11

I don’t tend to think of wineries that make $160 wines as sources of great bargains. But Château de Lagrezette is an exception. Alain Dominique Perrin purchased this 500-year-old estate in Cahors in southwest France in 1980, when it was literally crumbling. The whole region had been largely forgotten: its once-famous “black wines,”—dark, ferociously tannic wines requiring years of aging—fell out of favor in the current craze for immediate gratification. Since then, he’s worked hard to restore the estate and the reputation of its wines—thus the impressive, $160 Le Pigeonnier, but also the $11 Zette. Made from the local malbec, Zette is fresh and supple, full of the grape’s hallmark plum and licorice flavors—an affordable introduction to a wine region that shouldn’t be forgotten.

Imported by Frederick Wildman and Sons, NY

This review first appeared in the Denver Post.

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