July 13, 2008

Hill of Content 2005 Western Australia Benjamin’s Blend, about $12

John Larchet imports some of Australia’s most sought-after wines—think Grosset Polish Hill Riesling, Elderton Command, and Clonakilla Shiraz–Viognier, for example. But he realizes not everyone can find these wines, let alone afford them—and, more importantly, not every occasion needs a knock-’em-dead wine. So there’s Hill of Content for everyday drinking. Benjamin’s Blend, named for his son, marries chardonnay, sauvignon blanc, semillon and verdelho—this last a Portuguese grape that’s been grown in Australia since the first settlers began trying to duplicate the wines they enjoyed in England (like Madeira). Entirely unoaked, the wine just sings of fruit—green grapes, bright lemons, tart limes. It’s lively and delicious, for an after-work pick-me-up or anything concerning seafood.
The Australian Premium Wine Collection, 800-485-5753

This review first appeared in the< a href="http://www.denverpost.com> Denver Post.

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