April 16, 2008

Bartenura Prosecco, about $18

Need a wine that will satisfy the Manischewitz drinkers as well as the wine connoisseurs at your Passover seder? That will handle the bitter herbs as well as the sweet charoset? Or just looking for a kosher pour that’s as good as a non-kosher bottle? Pull out the Bartenura Prosecco. A sparkling wine from northeastern Italy, it has a light, peachy flavor that tastes slightly sweet but finishes dry, not cloying in the least. The bubbles are tiny and soft, refreshing and gentle. And for $18 for a sparkling wine, you can’t ask for much more. It also happens to be mevushal, for anyone who needs to know, but if you don’t, don’t let it stop you from checking this out.

Imported by Royal Wine Corp., NY

This review first appeared in the Denver Post.

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