September 04, 2007

Hilltop Neszmély Craftsman 2006 Neszmély Region Zöld Veltelini

Here's a steal: This $10 white brims with bright pink grapefruit flavor, its peppery kick and crisp celerylike acidity giving it refreshing zing.

If those flavor characteristics sound familiar to anyone, it's because zöld veltelini is Hungarian for grüner veltliner, one of Austria's best grapes. The Austrian versions have something of a cult following, due to their versatility at the table, and it's become harder to find great deals.

Here, you get the same grape, made with care, just 50 miles east of Vienna, over the border in Hungary. Snap it up now before all those Austrian wine hounds get their hands on it: Little Raven Vineyards in the Central Platte Valley has it in stock.
Little Raven Vineyards, 1590 Little Raven St. No. 175, (at 15th Street), 303-573-9463

This first appeared in the Denver Post.

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