November 15, 2006

Iron Horse 2001 Green Valley Classic Vintage Brut, $30

A half-case of sparkling wine is never a bad idea at Thanksgiving.

The first bottle can be opened on Wednesday night, after you've prepped so much food you feel like you won't be able to face the enormous meal tomorrow.

The second is to pop when guests arrive on the big day.

The third can be drunk with the meal or to dress up the inevitable turkey sandwiches later on.

And the fourth makes a great companion to turkey hash and waffles, the next night. The other two? They somehow always disappear. Especially when it's as good as this California sparkler, with its fine fizz, lively pear flavors and rich, briochelike notes.

Iron Horse Vineyards, 707-887-1507;

This review first appeared at the Denver Post

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