October 25, 2006

La Face Cachée de la Pomme, about $25/375ml

Just because most of us are giving out the sweets rather than taking them in doesn't mean we can't give ourselves a treat. After the pirates, vampires, witches and princesses have stopped ringing the doorbell, pull a bottle of this Québécois apple elixir from the fridge.

One whiff is as intense as walking into a cidery; one silky-smooth sip combines the freshness of a cool autumn day in an orchard and the warm, comforting richness of apple pie. It has enough acidity to sip with sharp cheeses, though it'd go just as well with a tarte tatin. And it's appropriate to the night, given that one of the many holidays to become Halloween was the Roman festival of Pomona, goddess of fruit and fruit trees. Sure beats bobbing for apples.

Imported by Monsieur Touton, New York|appleicewine.com

This review first appeared in the Denver Post.

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