July 05, 2006

Delicato 2005 California Bota Box Shiraz, $18/3L

"I just can't get past the idea that there's good wine in boxes," my friend said over a glass of wine.
I laughed as I pulled out Delicato's Bota Box Shiraz, the jammy, refreshingly juicy red we were enjoying.
"How can that be?" he asked, mortified.
Well, it's like this: The wine is the same wine Delicato puts in its bottles - long a favorite among bargain wine cognoscenti. And the bag inside the box is neutral, so it doesn't make the wine taste funny.
In fact, because it's 100 percent airtight, the wine keeps better for longer: Tap a glass every night for a month; the wine should taste like it did the day you opened it. Or just set out a box (the equivalent of four bottles) at your next cookout and see how long it lasts.

This review first appeared in The Denver Post.

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