December 14, 2005

Twin Fin 2003 California Pinot Noir

(about $10)
Imported by Pacific Wine Partners, Gonzales, CA

Attention all wine-loving frequent fliers: JetBlue now offers wine. You can choose a crisp, lively Chardonnay for your animal crackers, or a juicy purple Pinot to go with your Terra Blues. (Either would be good with the smoked almonds. Then again, what isn’t good with smoked almonds?) And the best news is, so far the wine choices are as good as the snacks. Bets are that they’ll stay that way—JetBlue chose Josh Wesson as its “low-fare sommelier.” Not only is he the founder of Best Cellars, a chain of wine stores that focuses on wines under $15, but he’s also pretty funny. He writes that Twin Fin’s Pinot Noir is “is as smooth as a silk sarong, and as seductive as a ripe Bing cherry. Hold it up to your ear and it will whisper, “come-hither,” leaving you no choice but to skip the swirling and go straight to tasting.” Personally, I always skip the swirling on an airplane, but whatever. You will want to swirl it to get the full cherry-liciousness of the wine if you drink it at home.

This article originally appeared in the Denver Post.

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