August 31, 2005

Roshambo 2003 California Merlot

We missed the pajama party and pillow fight Saturday, and the drag brunch held last Sunday, but there’s still time to get tickets to the music-drenched Labor Day Weekend festivities at Roshambo. Yes, it’s far way, in Healdsburg, California, which is in northern Sonoma County, but who ever heard of a winery with such a cool roster of events, and how could you not want to take advantage of it? Oh, right. Airfare makes a party a little pricey. Well, how about this: get some burgers, sausages, and other grillable things. Invite a bunch of friends to your backyard this Labor Day. Get a case of Roshambo merlot. Its spicy, licorice-licked black plum flavors will jazz up the evening (and no one will suspect you paid only $10 a bottle). The spirit of Naomi Johnson Brilliant and Jeff Ivy, the two main players behind Roshambo, will channel though the wine, and it’ll have someone playing rock-paper-scissors, the game for which the winery is named, in no time. (Or, after a glass or two, they’ll be trying to decipher the “sign language” neckband.) Or it’ll at least have you relaxing, which is the point of Labor Day, right? So get your party on. You can be sure Roshambo is.

This review first appeared in the Denver Post.

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