May 04, 2005

Fukucho "Moon on the Water" Sake

(Imported by Vine Connections, Sausalito, CA; about $18.50/300 ml, or $39/720 ml)

Here’s a quaff that will dispel the myths that sake is a rough and acrid drink. It lives up to its poetic name, the limpid liquid as clear and bright as moonlight reflected off a placid lake. Served lightly chilled, its flavors are just as refined, as plush and smooth as satin, with soft notes of almond milk, pears, and jasmine. Whether its delicacy is due to the softness of the water in Hiroshima, where this is brewed, or to the hand of the brewer, Ms. Miho Imada, one of the very few female sake brewers in Japan, I don’t know, but we can ask her next week, when she comes to Denver.

This recommendation first appeared at the Denver Post.

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