November 24, 2004

Wine serving tips let you go with the flow

There's no need to get in a lather over wine etiquette. Most of the rules still passed off as "wine etiquette" tips went out with the advent of central heating. Unless you're serving a crusty 20-year-old bottle of wine, leave the decanters in the cupboard: Most wines today don't need to be opened until you want to drink them. And glassware? It's nice to have glasses with thin lips and graceful, long stems, which both look nice and keep your greasy fingers from mucking up the view, but don't get uptight about it. Use what you have, because the first rule of wine etiquette is to remain relaxed. Wine is about pleasure, after all.

Now that those two biggies are out of the way, here are some other tips that will ensure that your guests are comfortable and the wine flows smoothly.

This article originally appeared in the Denver Post.

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