October 01, 2003

Lamb & Syrah: 4 perspectives from 3 continents

It was only a truck stop, really, the patio framed off from the highway by a thick trellis of roses. But the dish that came out of that little Rhône restaurant could have been executed by a four-star Michelin chef. It was lamb shoulder, split and stuffed with black olives, the sauce nothing more than the lush juices spilling onto the plate. It wasn't the prettiest dish, being mostly black and lumpy, but the flavors were transcendent, the dark earthiness of the olives playing off the gamy, herby lamb, and the syrah served with it just as black and wild. Since then, I've tried to recreate that dish a dozen times, and with it poured whatever was around. While the recipe hasn't been perfected, what to drink with it has: syrah.

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