August 01, 2002

Out of Athens: A tour through the wine routes of the Peloponnesus

Athens is a little like Denver, in that many of the city's best points fall outside of town. That won't be the case come 2004, when the Olympics will return to Greece for the first time since their modern inauguration in 1896. There will be festivities every day and plenty to watch. But there's also every reason to take advantage of the location, and, when the games are over, hightail it out of town. Take four or five days to make a nod to the games' original intent: to appreciate the gifts of Greek culture, such as music, poetry and, of course, wine. With that in mind, grab a map of the wine routes of the Peloponnesos and trace a path across the peninsula back to the ancient Olympic fields. Once you're out of Athens and across the high, narrow Corinth Canal, the land turns Dionysian, the vines outnumber the trees and the wines are varied and very good.

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